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    Discover your dream skin today!

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    A new cleansing sensation

    Did you know that a build-up of make-up, environmental pollutants and dead skin cells can make your skin appear dull and rough? Introducing the new SkinPro Cleansing System, a highly effective yet gentle cleansing device that delivers clinically proven, 8 times more radiant-looking skin while making it softer and smoother.


    Moisten the brush head with water.

    Apply a small amount of your favourite Oriflame cleanser to the brush.

    Cleanse by moving the brush head gently around the forehead, cheeks and chin for 1 minute. Avoid the eye area.

    Rinse face with water.


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    The perfect technology

    Perfectly shaped for facial cleansing, the SkinPro brush, with its soft bristles, is ideal for daily use. Its’ 2-speed setting gives you that personalised, cleansing experience with its 1-minute programme and automatic shut-off feature.

    Tapered brush

    Rotating head


    Automated 1-minute turn off


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    The real results

    What did the sixty-six female consumers who tested the SkinPro Cleansing Device have to say? The clinically-proven results are in:

    8 X more radiant skin

    Smoother, softer, and more even skin tone

    Less visible pores

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